Families and groups should dress to coordinate, but not completely match. Pick a palate of 3 or 4 colors. Avoid busy patterns and logos.How do I dress to look slimmer?Wear darker clothing with minimal contrast. Avoid anything sleeveless. Instead go for ¾ length to long sleeves. Avoid horizontal stripes. Wear shoes with a heel.What about my hair and makeup?Even if you don’t ever wear makeup, you will want to use a little foundation mascara and lip gloss for your photo shoot. Bring your makeup with you for touchups. Wea r lipstick and lip gloss that is a little darker than your natural lip color. Neutral eye makeup works best. Consider false lashes or lash extensions. They make a big difference. Groom your eyebrows. Remove chipped nail polish and don’t for get to moisturize. Avoid shimmery face powder.

What happens when you edit my images?

Every file will get basic adjustments to the saturation, color balance, and exposure where needed. When you decide which images you want to purchase, those images will receive whatever retouching is required. My style is to keep it natural, removing blemishes or stray hairs and softening but not removing wrinkles and skin texture.

Where are you located?

Gwendolyn Grace Photography is located in Chandler, Arizona and will travel anywhere in the valley. Some