Sep 24, 2013

24-Sep-13This year as you are preparing for your family portrait, please please PLEASE listen to this family photography tip: Just Say No to Dad Jeans!

I know how it goes… the kids get cute new outfits, mom puts together a nice little number for herself, and dad is lucky to get a new shirt.  I get it.   Dad often doesn’t like to shop and is the most agreeable to wearing, well, whatever.  But don’t let him wear dad jeans.  You know the pair I’m talking about…they are high waisted with a light or faded wash and a tapered leg.  As a general rule, dad’s pants shouldn’t be lighter than his shirt.   If he doesn’t have any dark jeans, it might be time for a shopping trip.

Please don’t be confused by all the recent articles on Dad Jeans being back in style.  If you are an IT nerd sporting a pair of jeans you bought from Sam’s Club seven years ago, they aren’t talking to you!  I don’t care if the President wears them.  Instead, go out and buy a new pair.  What should you look for? Try a dark wash, straight leg cut, and a lower rise waist.