Apr 23, 2017

I went to San Francisco! I’ve wanted to go for the longest time and finally I had the chance. It was a short trip but I plan to return next year. Here are a few images from the trip:

Cable Car Safety

Cable Car Safety…they really take the fun out of it.

Cable Car

Cable cars in San Francisco are not the most efficient mode of transportation. They turn the carts by hand at the end of the route.

AT&T Park

This was my first stop in the city after taking the Caltrain from Palo Alto.

AT&T Ballpark

The home of the San Francisco Giants.


Boats along the waterfront. Just because…

Cupid's Span

Cupid’s Span is a sculpture along the waterfront with the financial district behind it.

Pier 39

I just did a walk though this part of Pier 39. Love the fun and festive atmosphere.

Fisherman's Wharf of San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf is full of tourists, street artists and seafood.

Boudin Sourdough

Boudin Sourdough is the bomb! I had to get a crab cake sandwich for lunch.

Boudin Bread of the Month

I read that Boudin’s still uses the same starter yeast-bacteria culture it developed during the California Gold Rush.


You can see Alcatraz in the distance. This is as close as I got this trip. I really want to do a night tour sometime.

Pier 39 Sea Lions

Pier 39 is famous for the sea lions.

Sea Lions

The sea lions are lazy and loud but kinda cute.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from the beach.

We had a nice visit with Daron and Dennis, Mark’s cousin and his husband.

We had to get a pic in front of the Golden Gate Bridge also. We didn’t get to bike across the bridge like we originally planned, but it’s definitely on the list for next time.

China Town

Just a random street in China Town.

China Town

I thought this was a cool door knob.

China Town

You can’t go to China Town and not take a picture of the lanterns.

China Town

Fruit market.

China Town

Dried seafood that I was not brave enough to eat.

China Town

Fun building in China Town.

China Town

Loved all the colors around China Town.

San Francisco at Night

After dinner we drove up to Twin Peaks for a night view of the city. It was raining but that did not keep people away. I was surprised to find dozens of people hanging out at the top.

San Francisco at Night

In this shot you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t get to see everything I wanted but I sure had a good time. Just give me a camera and a bus pass and I’m ready for next time!